Nightwing Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Nightwing Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Close Up
Fan Rashel rocking our Nightwing Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Nightwing Long Sleeve T-Shirt Nightwing Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Close UpFan Rashel rocking our Nightwing Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Nightwing Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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Sooner or later, most Robins get sick of being Robin. Can't really blame them, you know? You can only follow around Batman for so long before you want to run off and do your own Bat related activities like making bat-related origami, dinnerware, and urban spray painting...mainly because Batman doesn't really care too much for those things. I believe that these were the original reasons for Dick Grayson to become the first Nightwing and don this 100% cotton Nightwing Long Sleeve T-Shirt! Wait, no, that isn't how it went. Grayson became Nightwing because he wanted to use those cool batons! Judo-punching and ninja-kicking is only amusing for so long. Sometimes you just gotta beat somebody senseless! Probably why Nightwing decided to distance himself from Batman. Probably. Anyways, this Nightwing Long Sleeve T-Shirt features the Nightwing symbol on a cold resilient long sleeve format. Unfortunately, does not include beatin' sticks.

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  • Sku: tslsngtwng
  • Color: Black
  • Sleeve Type: Long sleeve/Raglan
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Long Sleeve, Symbol

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Reviews of Nightwing Long Sleeve T-Shirt

submitted 3 months ago

Casual and comfy

Just Honest
Cherry Hill, NJ
submitted 4 months ago

Description says long sleeve t, picture shows sweater. Boo on me. Symbol not nearly as large as seen

Super Hero Fans Mom
submitted 5 months ago

The Black isn’t as black as the photo and is why I did not rate higher.

submitted 5 months ago

Great quality!! I ordered hubby a size up though due to cotton count.

Drew, who often spends too much on this site- but worth it!
submitted 5 months ago

Looks and wears good.

Great Fit
Carolina PR
submitted 11 months ago

Great Fit

Tommy Nightpunk
Titans Nest Palmer, AK
submitted 1 year ago

Fantastic Nightwing shirt. Nice quality. Get find. Perfect size too.

Crestview, FL
submitted 3 years ago

The symbol is large and that's always a good thing when your representing your favorite superhero. It makes me feel like a gender-bent Nightwing xD . The material is also nice and soft. I wish I had gotten a medium because of my long-ish arms, it doesn't cover from a little above my wrist and down. That's alright though, I still love it nonetheless!

Ontario, Canada
submitted 4 years ago

When I first wore this I got nothing but compliments from my comrades!

submitted 5 years ago

I washed the shirt inside out in cold water and yet the symbol still tore. The shirt has a great feel and overall just looks awesome. Printing ruined it for me though.

Superherostuff.com response:

Very sorry to hear that, but we really appreciate the feedback. It should not have torn like that, please contact our customer service department for a replacement

Nightwing 172894
Los Angeles, CA
submitted 5 years ago

This is an awesome shirt but washing it will ruin the symbol even if it's in cold water while it's inside out and I only washed it once also you must let it air dry

Vancouver BC
submitted 5 years ago

Not bad. Don't expect too much with the quality of the material itself. Print will get washed a bit off in washer even with the garment wash inside out.

Alec Holland
submitted 5 years ago

The shirt was wonderfully radical. Came in awesomely quick. The fabric is narly. Now I need the sweater that looks like the one from the picture. Es gafallt mir. Nightwing ist toll.

Michael Bulat A.K.A MIKEY B
frinton-on-sea United kindom
submitted 5 years ago

This NIGHTWING longsleeve t is fantastic really nice fit and the logo is awsome too and really keeps me warm in the cold weather i have had loads of great compliments from all sorts of people too everywhere i go even the girls like it too lmao! if your a die hard batman fan like me then this is a gd buy for you

Blackpool, UK
submitted 5 years ago

Its over all an amazing shirt that looks and feels terrific

Banff, Ab
submitted 6 years ago

I really like this. I'm a girl and I think it's a men shirt but I like loose sweatshirts anyways. :)

submitted 6 years ago

I love this shirt so much! It looks and feels great when wearing it! Since purchasing and wearing this shirt, I have gotten so many compliments from others! Shipping was fast too! :)

ajax, on
submitted 6 years ago

very awesome, the shirt itself is a bit scratchy and thick at first but a few washes with some softener and it's gold. also the symbol is very well done and stays on firm even after a few washes.

submitted 6 years ago


submitted 6 years ago

The shirt was a perfect match for what my great grandson wanted. He idolized Nightwing and wanted the shirt. He likes black and the blue really shows up. Quality of material good and perfect weight for winter.

submitted 6 years ago

i havent gotten so many compliments on this shirt. the logo is nice and the color really stands out!

The Great Aunt
Orlando, FL
submitted 6 years ago

I bought this long-sleeve shirt for my 23 year old nephew for Christmas. He was thrilled and he wore it the next day. It seemed to be a great fit and the shirt was a good quality.

submitted 6 years ago

My 15yo son loved the shirt. I wish the decal was a silk screen instead of an iron on. I hope it holds up in the wash. Other than that my son loves it, good quality shirt.

submitted 6 years ago

So i got this shirt and it was amazing. The feel and look of the shirt was nice. But after one wash the logo started coming off. I didn't even put it in the dryer yet, straight out of my washer the logo was falling off in chunks. I recommend hand washing this guy.

New York
submitted 6 years ago

Great Shirt just the kind of thing to wear during the winter time. I just wish superhero stuff had stores where we can try the shirts on first before buying them. That way I would have found out that I'm a medium instead of a large But Overall AWESOME SHIRT

Neenah, WI
submitted 6 years ago

My son was Batman for Halloween and I was not going to be Robin. So I was the next best thing. Nightwing, and an awsome one at that. The shirt was solid black, not that kind of sorta black. And the emblem was solid and looked great.

submitted 6 years ago

The blue of the logo is eye catching...love it

Adelaide, Australia
submitted 6 years ago

3XL is a great size for us tall/large people.. and they got the ratio of the sleeve lengths correct.. Definitely will buy more... How about some Fantastic Four longsleeve tops?

British columbia, canada
submitted 6 years ago

It was good but u guys should make crewnecks

submitted 6 years ago