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Punisher Skull Symbol Button

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I've been told that the Punisher doesn't really do any kind of punishing. He wanders around cities picking up trash, cleaning up graffiti, helping old people across the street, motivational speaking, and collecting money for cures. You'll never see that in the comics though because that doesn't sell, but I assure you that the Punisher truly is a noble soul. Those Marvel guys have to play up the ultra violence and the whole 'not vengeance, punishment' thing to keep those comic books moving. If you guys would have given up on him Punisher would be doing cross overs with the Golden Girls. Can you picture Betty White wearing a 1.25 inch Punisher Skull Symbol Button!?

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  • Sku: buttonpunsymbl
  • Color: White
  • Licensor: Marvel
  • Style Attributes: Gift Bag

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Reviews of Punisher Skull Symbol Button

Quebec. CANADA
submitted 2 months ago

Small and perfect !

Allison, superherostuff Fan.
submitted 3 months ago

I love this pin!! It’s sturdy. It doesn’t fall off of a jacket or a backpack. It’s also decent size!

submitted 1 year ago

Perfect !