Punisher Skull 316L Surgical Steel 18G Stud Earrings

Punisher Skull 316L Surgical Steel 18G Stud Earrings

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Check out these 18 Gauge, 316L stainless, surgical steel earrings, each adorned with a black Punisher Skull Symbol!  This is made from super-high-quality material and the result of expert workmanship. It's the kind of painstaking craftsmanship Frank Castle applies to the creation of his custom made rocket launchers. Yup. Anyway...let's go over some subcutaneously placed, surgical steel body jewelry specifics:

316 Stainless Steel is the preferred steel where bio-compatibility is required (such as body implants and piercings). The "L" means that the carbon content of the alloy is below 0.03%, which reduces the sensitization effect. 316 steel has .08 Max carbon content while 316L has a .03 Max carbon content. Stainless steel does not contain, corrode, or rust as easily as ordinary steel. Though it will not oxidize or turn black, it is still not "stain-proof."

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  • Sku: earpunskulblkstud
  • Color: Black
  • Licensor: Marvel

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Reviews of Punisher Skull 316L Surgical Steel 18G Stud Earrings

Alberto Aponte
San Juan,P.R.
submitted 1 year ago

I'm a Punisher mega fan so i'm sold to pretty much all Punisher related. Lol!!

submitted 4 years ago

2nd pair. get lots of compliments!