The Amazing Spider-Man Swinging Men's T-Shirt



The Amazing Spider-Man Swinging Men's T-Shirt


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Yes, he's amazing. We get it.

Prefacing Spider-Man's Spider-name in every Spider-Man movie, comic book, and ill-conceived party favor is one recurring and self-promoting adjective: "amazing."

And yes, he certainly is "amazing" considering he skips across walls, bench presses ice cream trucks, and senses the impending doom of people, places, animals, and vegetables.

However, our Amazing Spider-Man Swinging Men's T-Shirt -- although boasting Spider-Man's redundantly expressed "amazing-ness" -- is amazing for another, equally important reason:

It simulates the cover to The Amazing Spider-Man #301 (1988). 

What's so special about the cover to The Amazing Spider-Man #301? It's drawn by the incomparable Todd McFarlane, a veritable master of drawing extremely flexible super-people.

Made from 65% cotton and 35% polyester, this heather-red Spider-Man t-shirt features said illustration rendered in a purposely distressed print.

Your actual copy of The Amazing Spider-Man #301? It's graded 9.6 by the CGC. So, yes -- it's the farthest thing from "distressed."


A marbling or "heather" effect is created by the blending of 2 or more materials -- in this case, the blending of red and white threading.

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Reviews of The Amazing Spider-Man Swinging Men's T-Shirt

4.0 (Based on 4 reviews)
Ismael Rosales
Westminster ca

Looks great, neck area dies feel a bit tight but likely due to being so new.

Submitted 1 year ago

Received OK, armpit gave up later, replacement had shoulder thread issue, poor quality on this shirt

Submitted 1 year ago
okinawa, japan

the material is super soft and comfy.

Submitted 1 year ago
Selah, WA

I love the shirt. It's very comfortable.

Submitted 9 months ago

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