Spider-Man 2099 Blue Pint Glass

$8.99 Reg.$11.99

Spider-Man 2099 Blue Pint Glass

$8.99 Reg.$11.99

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Our Spider-Man 2099 Blue Pint Glass features a full color illustration of Miguel O'Hara, aka the formerly reluctant Spider-Man of 2099.

This clear Spider-Man glass, measuring 6" high, sports that previously mentioned, full-color illustration of future Spider-Man. Rotating the glass reveals a colorless version of the same illustration. One could argue this particular color/colorless contrast is all the rage in 2099.

So, just what the hell is all this Spider-Man 2099 business?


Miguel O'Hara was a brilliant geneticist who experimented with imprinting genetic codes into human physiology. He hated the corporation he worked for, Alchemax, who was initiating sub-moral testing in this field.

Miguel confronted the head honcho, Tyler Stone, who ended up drugging Miguel. O'Hara' sought to utilize the gene splicing experiment to curtail the drug's effects. 

Regardless of attempted sabotage, Miguel successfully fused his DNA with the genes of a spider and emerged with, yes, Spider-Man-like powers.

So..BOOOM! Spider-Man 2099!

Proposition 65 notice for California residents.

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