Spiderman Sculptured Earphones w/Slider & Jack Design

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Our Spiderman Sculptured Earphones w/Slider & Jack Design offer a cool way to keep your earphones' cords as close together or far apart as you prefer - via a little plastic "Spidey Action Slider" that "crawls up and down wires!" Essentially, you'll be sliding the miniature Spiderman (who holds a cord in either hand) up and down the wires to keep them loose or as snug under your chin as you please.

We can see ourselves rearranging that space more than is necessary with these Spiderman headphones...'cause you get to play with a little plastic Spiderman! Even cooler, on the back of each bud is a molded Spiderman head! Spidey's head is even featured on the jack you'll use to plug these awesome headphones into the electronic listening device of your choice!

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  • - Rating: 1.0 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.
  • - Licensor: Marvel
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1.0Doesn't work with 4th generation Apple iTouch08/28/2012

Recently bought for my nephew and the ear phone jack wouldn't go all the way inside of the iTouch and even tried it with another 4th generation iTouch and not only did the jack not go all the way in, it actually broke off inside while trying to remove it. Very disappointed in this product.