Spiderman Mask Ice Cube Tray

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The Spiderman Mask Ice Cube Tray is a red, flexible rubber marvel (get it?) that will produce eight little round disks of ice with  Spidey's mask on them! So you either want to buy few of these, or start making ice EARLY. Because everyone who comes to your pad is going to want the wallcrawler staring back up at them when they look down into their drink. 

Just don't let J. Jonah Jameson near the freezer or your whole batch might end up getting tossed in the blender for some Spider-ice daiquiris and then all of that hard work filling Spiderman ice cube trays and placing them in the freezer will have been wasted! Come to think of it, don't let him near the stereo, either...he has terrible taste in music.

Not dishwasher safe!

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Love these ... Only wish more designs