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Spider-Man Homecoming Symbol Keychain



Spider-Man Homecoming Symbol Keychain



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Is that...is that a Spider-Tracer??

Well, no. No, it's not an actual Spider-Tracer, but the solid metal spider symbol adorning our Spider-Man Homecoming Symbol Keychain is large enough, and shiny enough, to make us think otherwise. 

How big? We're talking over 1" across and 1.5" high from spider-hand to spider-foot. And this 'so-big-it's-scary' Spider-Man symbol rests on red, woven fiber outlined in white stitching. And yep, this material reflects Spider-Man's unique costume mesh.

The side devoid a metal Homecoming spider features a printed white Spider-Man mask rendered in the classic, circular shape of old. 

More Inspiring Features Regarding Your NEW Spider-Man Homecoming Keychain!

  • This is a serious Spider-Man keychain upgrade that makes other, less tech-savvy keychains look dated and uninspired (excluding our selection of high quality Spider-Man keychains).
  • A solid metal clasp with push-down lever for easy belt-loop attachment!
  • A solid metal ring for easy ring attachment!
  • The red fiber base measures 2" across in diameter!
  • *The spider sprouts wings and flies on command! (*NO, it absolutely does not do this.)

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Reviews of Spider-Man Homecoming Symbol Keychain

4.5 (Based on 2 reviews)
Hype, superhero scholar
Detroit, MI

hey, this is very nice! very well made, solid material.

Submitted 1 year ago
Sonny Vargas
Lima, Perú

I was amazing, it is now my favorite keychain.

Submitted 1 year ago