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Spiderman White Magnet

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I am beginning to think that Spider-man is a reincarnation of Tarzan. How else are we going to explain why Spider-man is so good at swinging around? I wonder if he has to spend any time stifling that Tarzan call. He may have given away his secret identity. Now that I think about it, maybe Peter Parker is a red herring, meant to throw off the trail of the real Spider-man. Hey, they pulled that Ben Reilly crap on us so now I'm intensely leery on the nature of characters. On that note, enjoy this 3.5 inch high by 2.5 inch wide Spiderman White Magnet. It is actually Tarzan but keep that on the down low.

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  • Sku: magspdmnswinger
  • Licensor: Marvel
  • Style Attributes: Gift Bag

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Reviews of Spiderman White Magnet

submitted 3 years ago

This magnet was awesome! I love buying stuff from SuperHeroStuff.

submitted 3 years ago

Great magnet from the classic old-school Spider-Man. Love it!

submitted 4 years ago

love superheros this is a GREAT magnet for a MARVEL fan!!!!