Spider-Man Red Heather Star (30 Single) T-Shirt
Spider-Man Red Heather Star (30 Single) T-Shirt- Close Up
Spider-Man Red Heather Star (30 Single) T-Shirt
Spider-Man Red Heather Star (30 Single) T-ShirtSpider-Man Red Heather Star (30 Single) T-Shirt- Close UpSpider-Man Red Heather Star (30 Single) T-Shirt

Spider-Man Red Heather Star (30 Single) T-Shirt

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Made from 100% Cotton, this heather red t-shirt features a purposely distressed image of Spiderman jumping out of a star and........accepting 40 bucks from your uncle since he agreed to show up and jump out of a star for your 13th Birthday.  Thanks, Spiderman!  This Spiderman t-shirt is a 30 Single t-shirt made with a higher thread count, making it noticeably softer and a bit more form fitting!  This is a higher quality t-shirt for those kind enough to keep Spiderman swinging through his slight (yet constant) economic drawbacks.

More Details

  • Sku: tsspdmanredstar
  • Color: Red
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: Marvel
  • Style Attributes: Distressed, 30Single, Retro, Image

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Reviews of Spider-Man Red Heather Star (30 Single) T-Shirt

Lori, bought for my boyfriend
submitted 4 years ago

You should make all of the shirts you sell with this material, or at least list the ones that have it so we know what we're getting. Would definitely buy them up if they all felt like this.

Perth, Australia
submitted 4 years ago

awesome shirt, great material and a perfect fit.

Austin, TX
submitted 5 years ago

Awesome shirt, great fit, great design. A little too long in the body though.

Alex The Great
Los Angeles, CA
submitted 5 years ago

The shirt fits wonderful and is simply epic. The design speaks of a retro nature and anyone who's looking for something old school will love it!

Cris F, Comicbook collector
Miami, FL
submitted 5 years ago

Great shirt. The material is great and a great fit. I wish all the shirts were like this. Even after the wash, it did not shrink. Extremely comfortable.

submitted 6 years ago

I've held off buying a Spidey shirt due to preferring more obscure characters, but my daughter's current love of all things Spidey prompted me to finally give in. This was actually my 2nd choice among the shirts on the site, but i went with it due to having the correct size. I have to say, it's great! i love the classic art/logo and the distressed look is well done. As always, the shirt itself is great with the athletic fit and vintage feel.

submitted 6 years ago

Love the color, thin and very cool , it's ahit at the party

Hervie Syan
submitted 6 years ago

This takes me back the the Silver Age of Spidey...a nice tee for my collection!