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Spiderman To Be A Hero T-shirt

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This is a 30 single greenish colored Spiderman t-shirt with distressed image of Spidey in an extraordinary pose. It's actually a fascinating depiction by, I think, John Romita Sr. of Spiderman in the penultimate sacrificial hero pose. It's so..."christ-like," with his beaten down stance, captured in midst of falling after receiving a pummeling from some Herculean opponent. Spidey's raised hands that convey the image of his last and futile attempt at stopping a blow that will ultimately destroy him. Note the "radiant" that is reminiscent of historic depictions of Christ. If you look at this image long enough, you'll notice that it's not just a t-shirt. It's a fantastic work of art that tells a tragic story. Look. Look at the picture. What do you see? The story of a hero who kills himself in the process of doing the right thing as he continuously throws himself against some unseen opponent, some insurmountable evil that threatens the rest of us mere mortals and in doing so our hero dies a tragic death. It is only due to his powers that are of some mysterious and magical nature that our hero is able to rise from his ashes and meet the challenge yet one more time. And in doing so fail. It's the perfect depiction of the hero's tragic life, for Peter will never be able to save Gwen, no matter how many times it's rewritten, Gwendy will die and there is nothing that the hero can do about it, yet he is the only one who can do anything at all. So he does what he can, knowing that he will suffer the rest of his life to carry the guilt of failure. Peter is nothing short of a human Atlas, the Titan who is burdened with the literal weight of the world. If anyone knows Spidey and Peter's story, they'll instantly recognize the suffering that Peter goes through on a never-ending perpetual basis in order to do the right thing. Among the choices of right and wrong, one will undoubtedly find that the hardest path to take is the path that is seen as the "right thing" to do. And ultimately, it is, literally, only a superhero who can take that path again and again.

Only a superhero can consistently do the right thing and live to see the other side. The rest of us slobs consistently take the easy way out. We sacrifice only when it's convenient, which is no longer a sacrificial act. But Peter, knows that he is the only one who can do something. The only one who can make a difference. The only one who can right a wrong and still breath to tell about it. What's it take to be a hero? ... something that you nor I have or will ever have.

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  • Color: Green-Light
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: Marvel

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