Superman 3D Chrome Adhesive Car Emblem
Superman 3D Chrome Adhesive Car Emblem

Superman 3D Chrome Adhesive Car Emblem

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Measuring 4" across and 3" high, this chrome layered car emblem comes in the shape of the highly recognizable Superman Shield Symbol!  This Superman car emblem is paint-safe, very easy to apply and just perfect for sticking on your car, truck, or car-truck hybrid thing straight from the bowels of long forgotten Kryptonian science!

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  • Sku: emblmsup3dplast
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Superman 3D Chrome Adhesive Car Emblem

Souther Jersey
submitted 3 years ago

I put this on the quarter panel of my car and it looks great! I've gotten many compliments about the emblem. It looks great against the black paint!

Pasadena Ca
submitted 4 years ago

I wanted to decorate my car,but Ididnt want to put a white stciker on my windshield cause e'erbody's got one...so i thought id try this one...it compliments my paint job and holds up well when i take it in to get washed..!

New Zealand
submitted 4 years ago

Great product. The adhesive sticks well to the car exterior, unaffected by the winter weather and shines like Superman ??

Justin, College Student
Portsmouth, VA
submitted 4 years ago

Nice chrome design that looks great and draws a-lot of attention.

Kishore Butani
Goa, India
submitted 6 years ago

I'm getting friends asking from where I bought it already

Fort Walton Beach, FL
submitted 6 years ago

Looks great and feels durable.