Superman #32 Cover Mug

Superman #32 Cover Oversized 20 oz Mug

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The Superman #32 Cover Oversized 20 oz Mug holds more of your favorite beverage...or soup...or flour, or whatever...than your average cup! It's almost as though the yellow sun is affecting it in a way it doesn't every other cup in your cabinet! This Superman mug bears the classic image from Wayne Boring's cover of Superman #32 featuring the Man of Steel as he shrugs off bolts of electricity that would surely destroy a normal man with a pithy "It Tickles!" And maybe you, too, can leap tall buildings (or rather, obstacles) throughout your day after enjoying a whopping 20 ounces of your favorite beverage thanks to the Super-size of this Superman #32 Cover Oversized 20 oz Mug!

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  • Sku: mugsup32cover20
  • Color: Black
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Superman #32 Cover Oversized 20 oz Mug

Tucson, AZ
submitted 5 years ago

One of the presents I gave my dad for his 70th birthday was this mug. My dad loves his coffee, but is the kind of man who would normally say, "Thanks, but I have a lots of coffee mugs." Instead the morning of his birthday he emailed me and said he was drinking out of the mug and loved it. The Superman image has more of a vintage vibe that is reminiscent of Superman from the comics my dad read as a kid. If you have a Dad, Grandpa, or Superman fan in your life get this mug. If it can bring a smile to my dad's face it is sure to bring a smile.

Kirsten Erin, Blogger
Dallas, TX
submitted 5 years ago

I needed a good superhero mug that was bigger than the usual 12oz and this one definitely fits the bill. Holds all the coffee I need for starting off my morning, sans multiple trips to the coffee maker. And it's super cool! I absolutely adore it.