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Superman Blue Quick Change Mug

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Clark Kent is ready at a moment's notice to change into his alter ego, Superman! Superman is often required to save the world from a myriad of assaults; everything from Lex Luthor to Mercenary Bikers to Red Lantern Kitties, Superman will be there to make sure that we are all safe! However, Clark Kent is still required to act 'human' so he tends to nurse a cup of coffee...out of this Superman Blue Quick Change Mug! People just think he's a big Superman fan, which he never really denies! Say, I bet you are a big Superman fan, so you too might want the Superman Blue Quick Change Mug which shows off Clark Kent changing into Superman next to a Superman logo! That or Superman is practicing his Hulk Hogan impression.  Either or.

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  • Sku: mugsupbluchange
  • Color: Blue
  • Licensor: DC

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submitted 5 years ago

Big cup...excellent for soup or coffee