Superman Athletic Knee-High Socks

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Orlando, FL
5.0Love them!03/21/2013

First pair I got had a backward S symbol! I was pretty annoyed but the customer service gal I spoke to said it was a misprint on a few socks and offered to send me another. Just got a new pair and LOVE them. The S symbol is correct and they are super comfy!

BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

I ordered these socks as of 3/10/13 and the superman symbol on the left sock WAS NOT backwards/ a bizzaro symbol. A real, correct superman symbol was on both socks. The material is also high quality and these socks are very comfy and soft.

BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
1.0Superman socks01/13/2013

These were not Superman socks but Superman/Bizarro socks. One sock, the left, had the mirror reverse of the Superman (El Family) Emblem thus creating a right and left sock. Theey are more correctly Superman/Bizarro socks.

1.0Backwards logo ruins socks01/10/2013

I was very disappointed with the backwards logo when I received these so I ordered them off of another site and received a pair with the correct logo. I think you guys got a faulty shipment.


I thought both socks would have the same image, but one sock is reversed. Who knew???? Not happy

5.0Superman socks 12/26/2012

Beautiful colors

BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
1.0Backwards logo ruins socks12/16/2012

I saw these on another website, but am a big fan of this site so bought them here. Unfortunately they come with a backwards logo on the left sock from this site. The other two sites that sell these both have the logo the correct way. Don't buy these here.

1.0Why a backwards logo?12/15/2012

I guess it was my own fault for not looking at all of the pictures, but the Superman logo is backwards on the left sock. I guess the left sock is the bizarro sock, but it seems pretty stupid to me.