Superman Classic DC Originals Car Decal

Superman Classic DC Originals Car Decal

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If you put the 5.25 inch tall Superman Classic DC Originals Car Decal on the back of your car, you will immediately dissuade anybody from tailing you too closely! I mean, do you think they really want to mess around with DC Comics Man of Steel? People are use to seeing those stick figures - not the granddaddy of all superheroes! I wonder if having the Superman Classic DC Originals Car Decal lowers the cost of insurance?

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  • Sku: cardclclscsup
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Gift Bag

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Reviews of Superman Classic DC Originals Car Decal

submitted 3 months ago

Great cling

St Marys, Ga
submitted 1 year ago

Looks to be good quality, time will tell.

Ruby Merchant
submitted 5 years ago

There he is,fixed on my car and preventing evil from coming in.I hope no kryptonite is scattered about anywhere near him whether not the fur would fly….. but I´m a hundred percent sure that Supes would know how to fix the problem with just a flick of his hand or a nod of his head would simply do before some villains might harm him somehow.Only the fastest man alive could equal him in speed for a time limit and ONLY him so Clark is off the beat in so many aspects that I,ve already lost the count,believe me;and when the evil is no more there he goes,posing for the press with his own and spectacular red-bluey costume of his and in a fraction of a second ,boom!! Superman no more and Clark shows his flag once again to report to the press more current incidents involved about Superman´s deeds.This Clark is more than meets the eye,apparently,huh?But his secret will die with us,won´t it? I hope Lois Lane won´t be listening right now;for Superman´s own sake I mean.(chuckle) This Classic Supes is huge and will enhance the rear of your car. SUPERB,one of the best car decals,WORD OF HONOR.