Superboy Red Symbol T-Shirt
Superboy Red Symbol T-Shirt-Close Up
Superboy Red Symbol T-Shirt
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Superboy Red Symbol T-ShirtSuperboy Red Symbol T-Shirt-Close UpSuperboy Red Symbol T-ShirtSize Chart

Superboy Red Symbol T-Shirt

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This is a 100% cotton Superman symbol t-shirt with but with just the red outline. We call it the Superboy shirt because it's what the new version of Superboy wears in the comics. Liked for its lower tone and simplistic look...but people will give you bonus points for knowing it is Superboy!

On the bright side of things, I don't think that Superboy Prime is interested in the Superboy Red Symbol T-Shirt but I could be mistaken. Ever since that guy punched reality I've been really confused with current continuity!

More Details

  • Sku: tssupredsym
  • Color: Black
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Symbol

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Reviews of Superboy Red Symbol T-Shirt

submitted 2 months ago

The product was okay

submitted 1 year ago

good quality

Jon Z
Detroit, MI
submitted 1 year ago

Expected a much thicker material considering the price

submitted 1 year ago

Customer service super nice. Made me feel like we were best friends for life. Shirt is great

Magnum Force!
submitted 1 year ago

Feels great. Looks good on. I feel powerful. Like lobotomizing an idiot with my heat vision

North Carolina
submitted 1 year ago

Daughter loves it

Seattle, WA
submitted 1 year ago

Classic look and don't call him Superman.

submitted 1 year ago

It's a shirt. It's exactly like the one superboy wears. I'm not about to write a novel about it.

Penticton, BC
submitted 1 year ago


Montgomery, al
submitted 2 years ago

Love product and simple red and black look

submitted 2 years ago

The sleeves are a bit too big. Very comfortable material. Design is as advertised.

submitted 2 years ago

I was little skeptical at first but upon receiving the shirt it has a large emblem and it fit great.

One n only Ernie
San Diego
submitted 2 years ago

Good quality shirt to add to my collection.

Dallas ga
submitted 2 years ago

Fits good arrived quick and packaged well

James, actionmaniac
Signal Hill, California
submitted 2 years ago

A wonderful and rare addition to my collection. Fits like a glove. Thank-you!

Raul Vasquez
La Paz, Bolivia (south america)
submitted 2 years ago

good quality, fits perfectly

El Pablo
Dallas TX
submitted 3 years ago

The material is heavy and stiff, not flexible. Looks good but not thrilled with the material.

Happy Mum
New Zealand
submitted 4 years ago

Son very happy with superboy red symbol t-shirt. Quite slim fitting which is good for him but would recommend going one size up if you like them a bit roomier.

submitted 4 years ago

Review this the same way I did the venom shirt! I am a big guy roughly 290 ! I bought the 3xl, gotta say length was perfect and size around my body was perfect, I DO NOT dry these shirts out of fear of shrinkage lol

Knoxville, TN
submitted 4 years ago

Nice shirt. Ships a bit on the bigger side, but still a great addition to anyones line up of comic book inspired attire. If you're looking to finally get your hands on Superboy shirt, specifically the same shirt Superboy wears in the Young Justice cartoon, or if you just simply like the Superman crest in general and you're looking to get away from the blue and yellow I'd highly advise going for this black and red variant. Now if only we could get a white shirt with a red crest, we'd finally have Superboy's solar suite variant as seen in Young Justice.

submitted 4 years ago

Good material, perfect size (I picked small) and it was an amazing birthday gift! :D

Burgas, Bulgaria
submitted 5 years ago

According to my calculations it took just a little less than two weeks for the package to arrive to where I live, which is pretty damn fast! The t-shirt itself is perfect from the texture of the fabric to the rendition of the logo, all very solid. I enjoy wearing it!!

Paris, France
submitted 5 years ago

I just received it and it's a perfect t-shirt, good quality, fits well (be careful with the size, french people ;) ).

submitted 5 years ago

does anyone know if its long enough cuz im 6 3 was wondering if a medium would be long enough and a snug fit

submitted 5 years ago

Great shirt and, eventually, costume for any Superboy fan. The logo print is flawless, the cotton of the shirt feels a lil thinner than your average t-shirt but (if washed properly) will last as song as any other shirt.

submitted 5 years ago

it was the perfect size and it fit really well I'm sure i will order more stuff from y'all in the future

Someone slightly more in shape than Kevin Smith
Edison, NJ
submitted 5 years ago

Recently, my favorite shirt, a MIckey Mantle number 7 tee, became unwearable, much to my dismay, and so I set out to look for a new fav. Being a huge Superman fan I thought I might go with the classic blue S Shield tee, but the color really isn't in my style. So I was watching Young Justice, and I thought, "Superboy's pretty cool." So I browsed superherostuff and there it was- a cool looking black tee with a red S shield. Now, it's my favorite item of clothing- comfortable and cool. Looks pretty boss with a leather jacket too...

submitted 5 years ago

Got a XXXL, Fits perfectly. Came heaps quicker then I thought it would. Looks and Feels great.

submitted 5 years ago

got so many complements in my shirt!!!!!!

Pump it up
submitted 5 years ago

The product itself looks exactly like the picture provided by the website, looks great if you workout like myself. T shirt was shipped quickly, though I didn't receive a tracking number and almost lost my package... but the t shirt rocks, love it!