Superman Kids Costume 30s Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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Kids Republic knows how to make a good shirt, that's for sure! Look at this 100% cotton 30 single long sleeve. It is absolutely perfect for a Superman in training! Featuring a highly distressed look and a complete 'costume' feel, any kid would feel just slightly more super powered while donning this garment. There have been so many different versions of Superman through the DC continuity that you may never know that your child is actually from Krypton! It could explain a few things, like why they don't want to go to bed and they constantly crave junk food. Let's just hope that they provide you with your very own Fortress of Solitude when they go off to college and/or save the world!  Oh, and check out that illustrated cape on the back of the t-shirt!  NEATO!

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  • SKU:tssupkidscos
  • Color:Blue
  • Sleeve Type:Long sleeve/Raglan
  • Licensor:DC
  • Style Attributes:Front/back print, Distressed, Premium, 30Single, Symbol, Costume
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Love it! I bought the shirt for my nephew for a Super Hero Graduation Party. My nephew loves his shirt and so did everybody else.