$11.00 Reg.$21.99
Superman Mexican Flag T-Shirt
Superman Mexican Flag T-Shirt - Close Up
Superman Mexican Flag T-ShirtSuperman Mexican Flag T-Shirt - Close Up

Superman Mexican Flag T-Shirt

$11.00 Reg.$21.99
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Joly Frijoles! This is the Superman Mexican Flag t-shirt. 2008 was the year of the immigration issue. You have them Texans with pick-em-up trucks . When going to protest, what better symbol or icon to wear than el gringo Moi Macho!

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  • Sku: tssupmexflag
  • Color: Black
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Symbol

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Reviews of Superman Mexican Flag T-Shirt

Jonny V
Kelowna, BC, Canada
submitted 4 years ago

I bought this shirt for my husband. He is Mexican and a superhero fan. He must have over 50 superhero shirts and has already proclaimed this one as his favorite! We recently had family from Mexico come to visit and he proudly wore his new shirt to the airport to pick them up and got lots of compliments!

San Fernando California
submitted 6 years ago

please check the last comment , I wrote that as a proud MEXICAN American educator I explained how people were curious as to why superman had the mexican flag. At any rate Giovanni is ecuadorean I am Mexican amERICAN. Please revise this review. Thank you Dr. Peter Vincent Palacio

southern California
submitted 6 years ago

Hi! We ordered this shirt for my brother for Father's Day and I gotta say, he loved this gift the best! It fits him well too (he's a size L, slightly on the husky side), plus it incorporates two things my brother is so proud of... his favorite superhero and our heritage. Also, just last week while they were on vacation, he texted us to say that while wearing it, he got all sorts of compliments on it. So thanks guys. ^_^

Dr. Giovanni Trujillo
Los Angeles California
submitted 6 years ago

As an en educator and proud Mexican American this shirt is priceless. When people see this their initial reaction is to correct me and share, " Superman was American". I tell them, hold on a minute. Jor EL came to earth and did not come as a legal alien, but rather and illegal ALIEN! They then ask but why have the superman logo with the Mexican flag, I tell them because some aliens are easy to blend in others are not!! Awesome shirt...